All Saints' Mattishall and Tud Valley Benefice

A living church worshipping the living God

Our Beliefs

We believe that God can make a real difference to your life. In a world of turmoil, he can bring certainty; in lives of stress, he can bring peace; in situations of despair he can bring hope.

What we believe about the Bible…

We believe that God wants to have a relationship with us. And the key to any good relationship is communication. The Bible is the main way God communicates with us.

By reading the Bible, we can learn about God’s character and we can find out how he wants us to live our lives. At the same time as giving us advice about how we relate to God, the Bible is a pretty practical book. It can show us: how to handle money, how to bring up our children and how to sustain relationships. Not looked at the Bible recently? Try starting with Mark’s gospel. It’s short and gives a great overview of Jesus’ life and teachings.

What we believe about Jesus…

When we read in the Bible about the standards which God gives us for living our lives, we quickly realise what a mess we’ve made of things. Jesus came to sort that mess out.
Whenever we fail to live up to the standards set by others, we know there’s trouble coming. Whether you’re the school kid who forgets to complete their homework, the employee who always arrives late to work, or the thief who steals someone’s money, we know there’ll be consequences.
The consequence of failing to meet God’s standards is separation from him – the Bible calls this hell. Fortunately, God wasn’t happy with people ending up separated from him and so he sent Jesus to sort things out. Jesus died on the cross taking the consequence of our failings. Because of this, we don’t have to face the consequences ourselves. We can be forgiven for the ways we’ve messed things up and can become friends with God. Being friends with God makes a massive difference to our lives here and now. And in the future we can have the assurance of spending an eternity with God in heaven.

Take a look at what the Bible says about this…

  • Romans 3:23 ‘…all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.’
  • Romans 6:23 ‘…the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.‘ 
  • Romans 5:8 ‘…God demonstrates his own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.’
  • Romans 10:9-10 ‘…if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.’
  • Romans 10:13 ‘…everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.’

What we believe about God…

We believe that God is good. And every good thing in the world – be it the relationship we share with a loved one or the beauty of a sunset – comes from God.
It’s really easy to focus on the negative things happening in our world, but when you add up all the good things that happen, you realise how brilliant God is. Yet the most brilliant thing is the fact that God wants to be friends with us.

What we believe about the Holy Spirit…

Trying to follow God’s standards is pretty tough. Especially when we live in a world where so many people choose not to. The Holy Spirit is God’s way of helping us.
When we become Christians, we can ask God’s Holy Spirit to come into our lives to help us to live how God intended. The Holy Spirit gives us the strength to follow God even in the most difficult situations. The Holy Spirit also gives us gifts – you could call them tools – which help us in our lives as Christians.

Want to find out more?

We’d love to chat to you about what it means to be a Christian; if you want to find out more, try one of the following:

  • Contact the church office.
  • Come along to one of our services.
  • Join the next Alpha course. The Alpha course is a series of meetings where people have the chance to explore what it means to be a Christian. The course runs all over the world and offers people the chance to discover Christianity in an informal setting. There are lots of opportunities to discuss, argue and ask fundamental questions about God. To find out more about the Alpha course, visit
  • To learn about our next Alpha, contact the church office.