All Saints' Mattishall and Tud Valley Benefice

A living church worshipping the living God

Home and Cell Groups

At All Saints Mattishall, we have a variety of mid-week home and cell groups. These meet at different times of day throughout the week and in homes across the benefice. Home and cell groups offer a place where we can:

home group

  • Get to know people better.
  • Discuss our faith and learn together.
  • Worship quietly and with intimacy.
  • Be encouraged and supported by others.
  • Talk to others and receive prayer.
  • Exercise our spiritual gifts.

There’s not much difference between our home groups and cell groups, although the cell groups do tend to be a little more outward looking, aiming to bring new people into the church family. There’s also a greater emphasis on all members participating in the leadership of the group. We’d love you to join one of our mid week groups; if you’re interested, contact the church office and they’ll match you to a group that will be perfect for you.